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Special Graduate Programs for
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International Admission
China Scholarship Council (国家建設高水平大学公派研究生項目) -> Applicants do not use T-cens. Click the above link and follow the instructions.
MEXT through Japanese Embassy (+中国赴) -> Applicants do not use T-cens. Click the above and follow the instructions.

Special Graduate Programs for International Students

-> Apply through T-cens.
Please read and understand the followings;
    1. Eligibility requirements, and
    2. Notes for applicants.

1. Eligibility Requirements for Special Graduate Programs for International Students

1) Applicants for Special Graduate Programs for International Students must satisfy the following primary eligibility requirements.

  • Master's degree: A person who has completed or is scheduled to complete an undergraduate course in a foreign country before enrolling at the University of Tokyo, which is equivalent to the 16-year course of the Japanese school curriculum.
  • Doctoral degree: A person who has completed or is scheduled to complete a master's degree course in a foreign country before enrolling at the University of Tokyo, which is equivalent to the 18-year course of the Japanese school curriculum.
  • A person with the linguistic skills required to take classes and receive research guidance in English.

2) Furthermore the applicant must satisfy all the eligibility requirements for each Special Graduate Program for International Students being applied for.
Please confirm application eligibility with the official Application Guidelines linked to each course's T-cens' Course Summary.

2. Notes for Applicants to the 2018 International Programs

    1. Applicants can apply to only one course in the International Programs at the Graduate School of Engineering.
    2. Applicants cannot be enrolled in other universities or other schools at the University of Tokyo at the same time as the Graduate School of Engineering.
    3. Applications will not be accepted if the specified documents are not complete and in order by the submission date except in extreme, unavoidable circumstances (as determined by the Graduate School of Engineering). After the application process is complete, no changes to documents will be accepted and no documents will be returned, under any circumstances.
    4. For courses requiring submission of a score from an external testing center, please carefully consider the following:
      1) Scores from external test centers which arrive after the submission deadline will not be accepted. Please check testing dates carefully, and plan to take examinations well in advance of the deadline.
      2) Inquiries as to whether scores have arrived at the University of Tokyo will not be responded to.
    5. Those who wish to enter the school with an “in office” working status are required to submit written approval (in any format) from an immediate supervisor upon entry to school, certifying ability to concentrate on studies.
    6. Applicants must have a visa that will allow admission to a Japanese graduate school, as stipulated in the “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (Law No. 319, 1951)” before coming to Japan.
    7. Under some circumstances, application procedures, examination dates, and other details may be subject to change.
    8. Once paid, examination fees and admission fees will be non-refundable under any circumstances.
    9. Personal information will be handled in accordance with ”Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies” and ”Rules and Regulations for the Proper Management of Personal Information Held by the University of Tokyo.”
      (1) Personal information obtained through the application process, including the applicant’s name and address, will be used for: 1) Selection of applicants (application processing, selection); 2) Announcement of successful applicants; and 3) Admission procedures.
      (2) The screening information used in the selection of entrants may be used in future studies to improve both the entrance examination and education at the University of Tokyo.
      (3) Personal information from successful applicants will be used for: 1) Administrative purposes (school registration, core studies, etc.) ; 2) Student support (health management, employment support, applications for scholarships and exemptions from tuition fees, use of libraries, etc.); and 3) Operations related to the collection of tuition fees.
      (4) In performing each of the aforementioned tasks, some duties will be carried out by this institution or the systems company entrusted with managing T-cens. The systems company may, where necessary, be provided with all or part of the personal information acquired to complete these duties.
    10. The examination results used in the selection of entrants may be used in future studies for the improvement of both the entrance examination and the education at the University of Tokyo.
    11. If your application form and submitted documents include any false or misrepresented statements and/or information, (including essays and portfolios prepared by other individuals, or submissions of copied information), we may cancel your enrollment, even after entering the school.
    12. In case of an unexpected situation such as natural disaster, please note that information related to entrance examinations will be offered on the Graduate School of Engineering website.
    This is a translation from the Japanese original. In the event of any discrepancy between the Japanese original and the English translation, the Japanese version shall prevail.

    1. 大学院工学系研究科留学生特別プログラムの2018年秋入学のコースのうち、ひとつのコースにしか出願することはできない。
    2. 他大学及び本学他研究科(教育部を含む)と重複して入学することはできない。
    3. 正当な理由無くして提出期日までに所定の書類が完備しない願書は受理しない。また、出願手続き後は、どのような事情があっても、書類の変更は認めず、また、書類の返却はしない。
    4. 外部試験テストセンターからのスコア提出が必要なコースに関しては、以下の点に注意すること。

    5. 社会人で在職の身分のままで入学を希望する者は、入学後学業に専念させる旨の所属長の承認書(様式任意)を入学時に提出すること。
    6. 渡日までに、「出入国管理及び難民認定法(昭和26年政令第319号)」において、大学院入学に支障のない在留資格を有すること。
    7. 事情によっては、出願手続、試験期日等について変更することもある。
    8. 納入された検定料、入学料はどんな事情があっても、払い戻しはしない。
    9. 個人情報については、「独立行政法人等の有する個人情報の保護に関する法律」及び「東京大学の保有個人情報の適切な管理のための措置に関する規則」に基づいて取り扱う。
      (3)出願に当たって知り得た個人情報は、入学者のみ 1)教務関係(学籍、就学指導等)、2)学生支援関係(健康管理、就職支援、授業料免除・奨学金申請等)、3)授業料徴収に関する業務を行うために利用する。 (4)上記の各種業務での利用に当たっては、一部の業務を本学及び本学が委託した T-cens担当システム会社が行うことがある。

Individual Screening of Application Eligibility

Anyone who has any doubts about their eligibility requirements (e.g. has a shorter academic record than the required number of years in education) should submit the designated documents below. The application eligibility is screened individually in advance.

This individual screening is to determine application eligibility only. You must still complete your T-cens online application even if requesting this individual screening.


    1. Create your T-cens account.
    2. Go to the APPLY page (T-cens), prepare the following documents, and upload them to T-cens.
    3. Submit the documents below by email for individual screening of your application eligibility.
    4. Send an email to your ICT Admissions Desk to request Individual Screening of Application Eligibility during the period specified by each program/course. Please refer to the following notes in order to be identified swiftly and smoothly.
      The subject line should be; Request for Individual Screening of Application Eligibility.

      Contact: International Coordination Team (ICT)

    5. Do not click the "Submit" button on the Submit page at T-cens at this stage. In other words, stay in the Application page, otherwise you cannot continue with your online application.
    6. You will receive a results notice from your ICT Admissions Desk. Please allow ample time, and expect to wait at most one month.
    7. Meanwhile you need to continue with your application procedure through T-cens.
    8. There is a possibility that your ICT Admissions Desk will ask you to send all necessary documents by post.
Documents   Action Required
1. Web form pages under the APPLY page
  • Fill out the fields indicated with asterisks (*) on Forms 1, 2, 4, and 6. Asterisks are indicated in the columns on the left-hand side of each page.
  • You do not need to send this document by post.
  • Web forms
    2. AFEB.pdf
  • Go to the Curriculum Vitae page and work on it. Curriculum Vitae page
  • Prepare your T-cens Enquiries on Educational and Occupational Background (hereafter known as AF4_AFEB.pdf form (AFEB-1, AFEB-2, AFEB-3), and upload it on T-cens as AF4_AFEB.pdf.
  • Upload to
    3. Supporting documents on your educational background

    → Review your AF4_AFEB.pdf (AFEB-1 and AFEB-2), and prepare the following documents (if applicable).

    An official letter issued by your institution
  • If the total number of academic years you spent at schools attended is
    • 1) Less than the required minimum in Japan

      At least 16 years of education are required in Japan to proceed to a Master's degree and 18 years for a Doctoral degree.

      2) Fewer/longer than the total number of years officially required for graduation in your country

      3) Both 1) and 2) above apply:
    -> Provide an official letter issued by your institution explaining the reasons behind your situation, such as taking leave of absence, accelerated promotion, skipping years, early entry to university, and so on.
    -> Send these documents as attachments by email.
    by email

    Your own explanatory letter


  • If you have had any issues other than mentioned above:
    -> Submit your own explanation. Provide any supporting documents available to explain your situation as well.
    -> Send these documents as attachments by email.
  • Send
    by email
    4. Academic Transcript (Undergraduate and/or Graduate level, if applicable)
    Upload the files to T-cens.

    Present a certified academic transcript for all universities and colleges attended from your freshman year to the present (issued by the University Authorities).

    Upload to
    5. Your photo
    Upload your photo on T-cens. Please refer to Application Process for requirements on photograph. Application Procedures Upload to