Guidance Information

International Graduate Program in the Field of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Studies (CVL-DPT)

Selection Process and Schedule

Schedule for September 2016 Entry


15:00 JST,
15th September

Online Application starts

15:00 JST,
31st October

Deadline for individual screening of application eligibility before application submission (if applicable)

Deadline for contact from those who have no online access and cannot complete an application online.

15:00 JST,
17th November
Deadline for creating T-cens application accounts
15:00 JST,
30th November
Deadline for data entry through T-cens
30th November Your application dossier with your application ID number must be submitted by registered express mail. All submissions must be postmarked no later than this date.
07th December Your application dossier must reach your ICT Admission Desk no later than this date.
By the end of January Applicants will be pre-screened, and the results will be announced by e-mail.
Applicants who pass the pre-screening will be offered an interview with a faculty member of the department. Interviews will be arranged on an individual basis.
By the end of June Final results will be announced.
Late September 2016 Enrollment period (Mon. - Fri. during office hours)
Further details of the enrollment period will be announced later. Refer to Academic Calendar at the Useful Links page.

We will NOT accept any applications submitted after the deadline under any circumstances.